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Tanya for Monday, 25 Adar, 5778 - March 12, 2018

As Divided for a Regular Year

Tanya for 25 Adar

24 Adar, 5778 - March 11, 201826 Adar, 5778 - March 13, 2018

Once the totality of the vital soul of the community of Israel will become a holy chariot for G-d, then also the general vitality of this world, which now consists of kelipat nogah, will also emerge from its impurity and sickness [the term "impurity" refers to the evil of the kelipah; "sickness" refers to the element of good that kelipat nogah contains, which is nevertheless the good of kelipah, not holiness], and will ascend to holiness, to become a chariot for G-d, upon the revelation of His glory [in the World to Come].

Then all flesh will behold [G-dliness] together, and He will appear upon them with the majestic beauty of His power, and "the glory of G-d will fill the whole world."

Israel will see "eye to eye" - [the human eye will see the truth of G-dliness just as the Supernal "eye" sees it] - just as [they saw] at the giving of the Torah, of which it is written, [6] "You showed Yourself, so that it be known that `G-d is the L-rd [lit.: the Four-Letter Divine Name is ELOKIM; i.e., despite the concealment of the Four-Letter Divine Name (which denotes G-d's limitless power) by the name Elokim (which signifies G-d's self-limitation), it is the former that still pervades all existence]; there is nothing else besides Him."

[But whereas the revelation at Sinai lasted only a short time, the revelation in the future will be permanent].

Through this [ascent of kelipat nogah to holiness], the three unclean kelipot will be utterly annihilated and nullified.

For the nurture and vitality which they now receive from holiness, comes to them [only] by way of kelipat nogah, the intermediary between them.

[Kelipat nogah, containing both good and evil, is the medium through which these kelipot which are completely evil receive their vitality from G-dliness, which is completely good.

When kelipat nogah ascends to G-dliness, the impure kelipot, no longer having any access to G-dly vitality, cease to exist].

It follows, therefore, that the purpose of the Messianic era and of the resurrection, namely, the revelation of His glory and Divinity, and the banishment of the spirit of impurity from the earth, is entirely dependent on [our] drawing down His G-dliness and the blessed Ein Sof-light upon all the 248 limbs of the vital soul of all Israel [for by way of the vital soul, all the world will be suffused with G-dliness, and this is achieved] by the vital soul's performance of all the 248 positive mitzvot;

And [this purpose is also dependent] on [our] banishing the spirit of impurity, [i.e., the three impure kelipot], from the vital soul of all Israel [for by being banished from the vital soul, the spirit of impurity is banished from the entire world; and this is accomplished] by the vital soul's observance of all 365 prohibitive mitzvot, thus preventing its 365 blood vessels from drawing nurture from the spirit of impurity.

[Why is it that suffusing the vital soul with Ein Sof-light and banishing the impure kelipot from the vital soul produces a parallel effect on the entire world?]

For the community of Israel, comprising 600,000 particular souls, is the general source of vitality for the world as a whole, since the world was created for the sake of these souls.

Each specific one of them contains and to each is related the vitality of one six-hundred-thousandth-part of the entire world.

This [part of the world] depends on his vital soul for its elevation to G-d through [the vital soul's] own elevation.

This means [that one elevates "his" portion of the world] by his partaking of this world for the requirements of his body and vital soul in the service of G-d.

[By using the objects of this world that one's body and vital soul need for the sake of serving G-d, one elevates his portion of the world]. For example: eating, drinking, and the like; one's dwelling and all his utensils.

[But surely there are more than 600,000 souls; besides, it is quite impossible for one person to use a six-hundred-thousandth of the entire world].

These 600,000 particular souls, however, are "roots"; and, [like a root from which grow numerous branches], each root-soul subdivides into 600,000 sparks, each spark being one Neshamah.

Similarly with the Nefesh and Ruach, in each of the four Worlds - Atzilut, Beriah, Yetzirah and Asiyah. [In each of these four Worlds are found all three soul-levels - Nefesh, Ruach and Neshamah].



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